We strongly believe that gangshow should be accessible to anyone, the only prerequisites that we insist on, is that you are an active member of the Scouting or Guiding Associations in the Corby/Kettering area, and are atleast 8 years old by the 31st August 2017. 


Here at Corby Gangshow you dont need to be the best dancer, or the best singer or the best actor in the world. As long as you can be on stage, have a smile beaming from ear to ear and sing your heart out to the audience, then you can certainly join our Cast!

Behind the Scenes

We wouldnt be able to put on our show without our fantastic backstage crew! And if you would like to get involved in any way we would really appreciate it. Please note that if you are over the age of 18 you will be required to be DBS checked through the Scout / Guide Association

What's involved?

Corby Gang Show is full of singing, dancing, comedy sketches, and traditional Ralph Reader material. Everyone will have a singing part in the Gang Show whether it is singing as a big group on stage, or whether it be solos/duets/trios or in a smaller group. So it doesnt matter if you are the most confident person in the world or whether you're too scared of doing a solo you wont be pressured into doing anything! In Corby Gang Show there is a bit for everyone.

The same goes with dancing, everyone will be required to to some type of 'movement' and actions on the stage. There are dance numbers in the show and in some of the numbers we will have a dance section, and this is where the dance team comes in. Anyone aged 14+ can put their name forward to be in the dance team and if you are selection you may be required to attend extra rehearsals during the week and will be required to stay until 7pm at the Sunday rehearsals.

With the sketches there will be a limited number of parts for the number, and if you would like to put your name forward you can, again there will be no pressure put on you to take on the role, sketches aren't everyones cup of tea! Also not everyone will fit the role, for example in a sketch asking for a leader it doesn't really make sense to have a 10 year old playing that role. 


What is the commitment?

Cast members are expected to attend every rehearsal, meaning every Sunday from 2pm - 6pm (2pm-7pm for seniors). If for any reason a cast member is unable to attend a rehearsal/or will be late then please make contact with a member of the production tem before the rehearsal starts - we do understand that a few of you do have a life outside of Gangshow! The reason we insist this is that failure to attend a rehearsal without letting the team know prior to the rehearsal can cause lots of disruption to rehearsal schedules and may disadvantage other cast members who are relying on you to be there to do your part. Don't wrry we give you a two week break for Christmas to give you a rest before coming back in the new year. 

So for the rest of the rehearsal weeks - now is the time to.....
organise your work shifts, tell your football/dance coach, write it in yours and your parents diaries, put it on the fridge door or on your bedroom wall, do what you have to do but just make sure you are there!

CODE OF CONDUCT - we do have a code of conduct that everyone at gang show must adhere to. Please have a look at it here


You will be expected to know the words and the actions of songs and sketches after the number has been rehearsed for eight weeks. This is why we you will be given script books - please bring it along to rehearsals we you will need to make notes of who stands next to you, any actions you may need to remember and note any changes to the script that may happen. We will have a projector screen with the words to songs on every week up until christmas, after christmas there will be no projector as we will have expected you to have learn most of your words by then.


Every member of the gangshow is a ticket seller as well as a member of the cast/crew. There is no point in us putting in all the hard work for 6 months if there is no audience clapping and cheering you on! Sure some of you may be shy now, but by the time we get to march you will have the Gangshow buzz and there is nothing like the feeling of having hundreds of people cheering you on. Also we need to make the money to pay for this show somehow!

Who can i sell tickets too? - anyone! Friends, family, your scout/guide group, teachers, dance schools, football clubs, neighbours, social clubs, other gangshows. Approach your local shop to ask if you can put posters up, put an atricle in your school/club newsletter, visit the other sections in your group and invite them along. Get in contact with past Gang members if you can - if they were involved in gangshow invite them along and tell them to wear their red scarf!


The Gang show needs money in order to put on a fantastic show each year. We will expect you to help with fundraising when you can. We normally have a bag pack session atleast once a year and we are always open to new ideas of raising money. Do you shop online? Do it through easyfundraising.org.uk and raise a free donation for Corby Gang Show every time you shop! https://new.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/corbygangshow/


How do I join?

In September we have 3 sign on sessions. You don't have to turn up to every sign on but on the third sign on you will be required to turn up for a bit of a rehearsal times will be confirmed soon. This year our sign on sessions will be:

* Sunday 18th September 2016                14:30 - 16:30

* Sunday 25th September 2016                14:30 - 16:30

* Sunday 2nd October 2016                      14:00 - 17:00        at this sign on session you will be required to stay for a bit of a rehearsal 

At the sign on sessions we will explain a bit more about what is involved, and what will be in this years show should you decide to take part. If you are under 18 you will need to bring a parent/guardian along. You will find us at St Andrews Church, Occupation Road, Corby, NN17 1EB. We hope to see you there!