Corby Gangshow has been running since 1958 and in 2011 we upped our game and took part in a wonderful event over the Easter holidays.


Lots of the cast, especially the younger members, have made friendship bonds with the Danish scouts over the past 12 years as a result of many events such as; Blå Sommer international jamboree in 1999, a camp in England where the Danes came here for the first time in 2000 and have since joined us at Jamboree’s in the UK, a Boat Trip in Denmark in 2001 where our scouts went and sailed round Denmark with the Danes, Blå Sommer international jamboree 2004, Nailer in England in 2006, Blå Sommer international jamboree in 2009 and various other personal trips which has results in numerous friendships over the years; and as a result of this friendship we have had one of the Danish members in Corby Gangshow and has been played a vital role in


After the international jamboree in 2009 the Danish Scouts came over to Corby to visit whilst we were rehearsing the 2010 show, and at that point they decided that they wanted to have a gangshow of their own in Denmark. They also came back to see the finished performance last February and as they enjoyed it that much, later in 2010 the idea was put forward to put on a gangshow and collaborate with the Danes in a joint performance in Denmark 2011.


When we started rehearsing Corby Gangshow 2011 it was put forward to the cast that this was what we were looking to do. Everyone was so excited that we would be taking our own show overseas and what a fantastic experience it would be, and as a result around 75% of the cast put their names forward. Once we had established the rough numbers who were looking to go, arrangements were put in place. The Danish hosts were very welcoming and set up our accommodation, catering, and even managed to take us into Copenhagen for the day to go to Tivoli Gardens which is like Alton Towers, Wicksteed Park and Thorpe Park all in one place, which was perfect as it gave us a chance to take a break from rehearsing and build on the friendships that we had made. Our Danish hosts had also recruited a cast of their own, making the total cast of over 60 members taking part in the first ever Danish Gangshow!


The show was a great success, and it was a great opportunity for all the people involved to establish international friendships that have been maintained since the original show in 2011. Once the show was over and everyone went back home it was clear that there was a need for Corby Gangshow to do this again. So it was decided that yet again it would happen and Corby Gangshow again went over to Denmark in 2013 and performed another joint show. As word had got out it was amazing to see the amount of new faces that joined from both countries as well as the previous 2011 cast.